Plant Health Care

Tree, shrub and plant disease specialists

Some plants require special attention in order to thrive. GreenStreet Tree Care offers solutions based on a solid understanding of plant biology and the life-cycles of insects and diseases. We give honest assessments about the needs of our clients’ trees and shrubs.

The right plant in the right place will need no special attention, but there are situations where intervention might be recommended, as in when exotic pests have been accidentally introduced. Our recommendations are customized for the specific landscape. People who know us greatly appreciate our approach.

Solutions for insect and disease problems in trees and shrubs

Some of the insect and disease problems that we specialize in include:

  • diseases of conifers (pines, spruces, douglas-firs)
  • control of Dutch elm disease and emerald ash borer
  • apple scab on crabapples and related plants
  • scale, gypsy moth, and other insects that feed on landscape plants

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